Fausto Delle Chiaie – Fontana di Trevi

is a genial street artist who for decades has been stimulating people passing by Ara Pacis with his original works. I have been following him since the late eighties and i have also contributed with a photo of mine to one of his works.

Lately he started to showcase a new work called “Trevi Fountain”, focused on the coins that every tourinst throws into the famous fountain while expressing the whish to come back to Rome.

What ‘ve caught here is a person who, as happens in the real Trevi Fountain, is trying to get the coins for himself. As you can see Fausto is far from being upset of this “accident”, and i’m sure he’s really happy about that. He is looking for interaction between his work and people!!!

More images on Fausto are here


  • Sant’ignazio
  • Santa Maria degli Angeli – Rome
  • Palazzo Farnese
  • “Palazzo della civiltà e del lavoro” re-opened