Luigi Scuderi is a photographer from Rome with a strong passion for his work. Graduate in Economics, with years of experience in marketing. Such a background allows him to better understand his customers' needs and even to influence their strategies and decisions. He has been shooting high quality photograps for over 35 years. He started his career in the film era, getting strong technical experience with manual photographic equipment. At the beginning of the nineties he started to approach digital photography, using Photoshop (it was version 2!) on images captured with a scanner from film. In 2000 he started shooting digital, maintaning some of his production in analog format. He now works mostly with a digital Nikon D800 and a Fujifilm X series equipment

He loves portraits, fashion and photography applied to the expression of moods, lifestyles, ideas and concepts.

He is international awards winner and has been published in several magazines, books, book and CD covers.