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The actor portfolio is an essential marketing tool and it's the main way to get the attention of casting directors. Keep your portfolio always up to date and get the assistance of a qualified photographer.

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Passion and experience

I have been shooting portraits for more than 30 years. I love it. I love to establish a relation with the subjects of my portraits. The final image is much depending on such a relationship. My clients tell me they manage to trust me completely and that is the best thing i could hear.

Full of life

Portrait is my main photographic activity. I have been shooting actors portfolios for many years and i know exactly what is needed. I can match simplicity, which is so important in actors portfolios, with impact, which is even more important, to catch teh attention of casting directors.

Post processing

Photos are already taken in a way that emphasize your features and minimize the need of post processing.

In any case each image will be processed in every single detail, contrast optimised and colour balanced.

Of each processed image you will get two versions: a colour one and a black and white one. And the colour to black and white conversion will be done with the maximum control of tones and constrast.

I've been using Photoshop since the early 90ties , and i know deeply the processing techniques that are needed.