Your personal photographer in Rome



A professional photographer for your stay in Rome

Do you want your travel experience in Rome last forever? Selfies are nice, but how about a professional photographer getting the best of you and your experience in Rome? Get the best locations in Rome, at the right time of the day and an experienced portrait photographer at your service!

Extremely customizable service: you can choose the duration, locations to be included, time of the day, number of people, number of processed images. All the taken images will be available quickly and esasily.


Morning photo sessions would ideally start early, when light is warm and gentle. It's the ideal time of the day for some rome's spots as Saint Peter's, Piazza del popolo, Pantheon, or Trastevere and Ghetto neighboroughs.


In the afternoon the best time to start is before sunset, when light begins to get warmer. It's the ideal time of the day for places like the Colosseum, the Capitolium, the Circus Maximus, the roman forum and Monti district.


Rome's beauty at dusk is unparalled. When sun is set but night has not brought all it's darkness light is just fantastic and Rome is seen at its best.

Why Luigi Scuderi

  • Luigi Scuderi is an award winning roman photographer, author of many pubblications

  • He has been photographing Rome for over 35 years and he knows very well every angle of the city center and many areas outside the center

  • He knows exactly the best time to frame all the major attractions in Rome

  • He's an acclaimed portrait photographer and he's very experienced in getting the best from each portrayed person

  • He knows how to capture the best genuine moments of your vacation in Rome

  • And he's also capable to direct you for posed "model like" photos

  • He speaks fluent english

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