Luigi Scuderi

image imagination

My story

Photography is my poetry

Since I was a child I was full of imagination and the strong need to express my feelings in some way. My passion for photography starts with a Kodak Instamatic that I received as a gift for my first communion. And since then it never left me. In time it has also evolved as a job, without I could recognize it, because it continues to be a passion for me.
After more than 40 years I never feel arrived and I’m always looking for a step ahead. I feed myself of images and I live of ideas, I have many personal projects that enrich my photography and my personality and make me capable to face the challenges of my clients with an edge.
I do not have a stable studio, if I need one I rent it, but I far prefer to find the right location (be it exterior or interior) that fits the project. It’s an important part of the project I always create for my clients. Over years I learnt to be a creative director and to plan everything, but at the same time to be open for last minute changes and challenges.  

To me photography is mainly emotion and poetry. Emotions are food for our souls and are also the main driver of our behaviours and choices. I’m not as good with words, I’ve always preferred to use images, and I’ve learnt how effective they can be.