You're an actor? A public person? Your public image is important? A good portrait, and I'm not speaking about technical perfection, is a powerful communication tool.



The power of images is enormous, an image is 60 times more effective than a written text. Successful images generate higher revenues. Images that tell a story (storytelling) are even more powerful


Fine art

A beattiful picture, that can tell a story, evoke,  move, surpise, can happily trasform a restaurant, a home, whatever, in something unique. 


"I dont' usually like to be photographerd, I feel unconfortable. Unfortunately as an actor I can't  do without. Luigi has turned my pain in relax, he was quick, practical and I liked his approach, I was posing with no burden. And I really liked the images he took me. "

Michele La Ginestra
Actor and artistic director of Teatro 7

"Working with Luigi is relaxing, there's an immediate emphaty, and this shows very clearly in the images he takes.  Luigi has a delicate eye that I particularly love. There's a sweetness in his images, in colours, in light, a sort of fairy mood. Bravo Luigi."

Jane Alexander