My promise

I’m a specialized photographer in portraits, for several years I’ve been creating images for the specific purpose of making the difference in casting selections.
I’ve developed the skill to emphatize with my clients and to show their best but at the same time representing a honest version of theirself.
I work to give you more visibility and more chances to get noted and chosen

Why wait?

Getting a solid photo book is the most powerful thing you can do to increase your chances to be chosen. Contact me for a quote, you’ll be able to choose the solution that suits your needs and you’ll have the “satisfied or refunded” guarantee.

"His photos are like paintings, unique artworks. Luigi is a very talented photographer and a graceful and kind man, features that are not secondary in these times"

Crisula Stafida
Actress and TV presenter

“Luigi has been able to show many nuances of my personality. I’m often seen and chosen for parts of the bad guy. Thanks to Luigi’s photos I can show my versatility, the ability to perform different roles”

Paolo Ricca